French Boutik - Mieux Comme Ca - 2x7"


The 4 tracks on Mieux Comme Ca bounce effortlessly from RnB to Psyche to Powerpop, all with French Boutik’s trademark blend of male/female vocals and drenching harmonies. The sharp French & English lyrics perfectly punctuated by powerful and tasteful guitar, in-the-pocket drums, and percolating piano and organ. The title track Mieux Comme Ca sees the band venturing into more aggressive Powerpop territory with a punchy anti-Franglais anthem (“c’est ta life” – please make it stop!), followed up on Face B by the English composition End of the Line, a slow-cooking psychedelic early morning breakfast commute to distant Paris suburbs. The 2nd disque features La Vie en Couleurs, a melodic homage to the joyful marriage of convenience between advertising and corporate green-washing, backed by French Boutik's surprising RnB flavored take on the song Tiptoes, a Madness original and reworked in French to great effect, maintaining the suicide subject matter and taking the playful off-kilter stumble of Madness on a date to a Parisian dance cavern.


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Following up on the heels of two stunning previous EP's, Mieux Comme Ça is the forthcoming double 7" vinyl outing from the Paris-based “Pop Moderniste” specialists known as French Boutik. Mieux Comme Ca features 3 brand new songs recorded and mixed at Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! Studios in Hamburg, plus the vinyl release of Tiptoes, French Boutik’s unlikely Madness adaptation, originally recorded for the Specialized 3: Mad Not Cancer cd compilation which benefits the Teenage Cancer Trust. Vinyl sales profits of this record will also go to Specialized.
Mieux Comme Ca sees the Boutik exploring new musical territory, in keeping with their signature style that's both familiar and brand new ...intelligently crafted songs inspired by the 60s but not stuck in them ... sounds that are both fun and moving ... breaking through language barriers and touching listeners, both francophone and francophobic, worldwide. That unique style made its debut on French Boutik's first two copaseDisques releases: Les Chats de Gouttière (2012) and Ici Paris (2013), which both received fantastic reviews.


Artist A French Boutik
Title Side A Mieux Comme Ca // End Of The Line
Title Side B La Vie En Couleurs // Tip Toes
Artist B French Boutik
Plattenlabel copaseDisques
Format 2x7"
Produzent -
Released 2014
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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