French Boutik - Front Pop - LP+DL (red vinyl)


By public demand the RE-PRESS (in red vinyl) of highly anticipated debut album from Paris based French Boutik, is a revolutionary reference not only to the band's assertive "pop moderniste" style. But what is "pop moderniste" you'll ask?! Well as usual it is difficult to describe: As Shindig Magazine puts it: "They call it Pop Moderniste. I call it bloody marvelous."
To put it straight I would descibe it as an unique combination of influences ranging from 60s standards like Dutronc and the Kinks, to early punk and powerpop from XTC and the Jam, but with all the French Boutik trademarks : Unusual but catchy melodies, sharp French and English lyrics, strong harmonies, chiming and slightly psychedelic guitar and assertive bass and drums, all underscored with smooth Wurlitzer and Hammond organ sounds courtesy of guest Popincourt.
2nd press in red vinyl with lyrics sheet + free MP3 download of the complete album!!


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The new songs tackle diverse subjects including dodgy French politicians (Le Mac), depressing hospital stays (The Rent), businessmen fighting on train platforms (Costard Italien), online dating (Sur Mon Ecran) and an anthem to debating politics and watching cat videos (Je Regarde Les Tigres). The accompanying lyrics sheet may come in handy as the Boutik has many international supporters thanks to their concerts in Russia, Canada, Spain, Italy and all parts in between. They are particularly appreciated in the UK where they play regularly to enthusiastic crowds, overcoming the island's traditional resistance to foreign languages.
Available as CD, too.

...There is nothing predictable about this album, except its ability to surprise. It’s not often I say this about any album, but there is not a duff or throw-away track anywhere. ‘The Rent’, ‘La Chemise’, ‘Le Casse’, ‘Je Louche’, all of them instantly becoming ‘ear-worms’. There have been some great releases this year and a few still to come, but ‘Front Pop’ by French Boutik will take some beating for album of the year in my book. GRAHAMLENTZ (record reviews October 2016


Artist French Boutik
Plattenlabel copaseDisques
Format LP
Released 2017
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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