Various - Club Americana, London W1. 1955-1958 - LP


OUTTA SIGHT's latest Northern soul collection focuses on the scene from the basement of London's legendary MAPLETON HOTEL. All night dances fused ska, R&B, jazz, and calypso, as heard on this 16 track collection.

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THE MAPLETON HOTEL (now the Thistle Piccadilly), In the heart of London’s West End, was the original home of the legendary Flamingo Club (OSVLP014). However, it is a little known fact that there was a second club, cloistered in the basement of the Mapleton, the ‘Americana’. The club was run by the Gunnell brothers, Rik and Johnny, who would go on to manage the Flamingo when it moved to Wardour Street and the Bag O’Nails, in Soho, where Jimi Hendrix first played in 1966 and where Paul McCartney met his future wife Linda Eastman.
The Americana was named to cash-in on the obsession at the time for all things American – food, drink, fashion, film, music – and attracted a large contingent of G.I.’s, still stationed in the home counties after the war. The club opened in 1955 and hosted All-Night sessions for two years. A ‘ten bob’ note gave you passage to a secret, subterranean world filled with exotic sounds and cultures and a 3 course meal of tomato soup, chicken & chips and ice cream. You got to dance all-night long to live acts playing a fusion of R&B, blues, jazz, calypso and ska which, in the mid-fifties, was the hottest sound in the world and heralded the Mod generation.


  1. Lester Young and His California Playboys - Wobble Time
  2. Wynonie Harris - Good Mambo Tonight
  3. Freddie Mitchell & His Orchestra - Later Gator
  4. Ruth Brown and Her Rhythm Makers - Mambo Baby
  5. The Famous Ward Singers feat. Clara Ward - I'm Getting Richer
  6. Fay Simmons - Please Tell Me I'm Yours
  7. Wilfred Edwards And The Caribs - Tell Me Darling
  8. El Dorados - Lights Are Low


  1. Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack
  2. Percy Mayfield - Loose Lips
  3. Sarah Vaughan - Oh Lover
  4. John Lee Hooker - I'm Going Upstairs
  5. Chaz + 2 - Soup-Bone
  6. Eric Humpty Dumpty Morris Drumbago All Stars - Humpty Dumpty
  7. Cab Kaye with His Music from Ghana - Everything Is Go
  8. King Pleasure vocal with Teacho And Band - Moody Mood For Love


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Outta Sight
Format LP
Released 2018
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
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