Dave Straps & The Radiators - Endless Summer - CD


Naturally, Dave Straps and the Radiators being from Rennes, it was only normal that their first record should be released by a Rennes label. Specially since the history of this group is already very long and punctuated with numerous changes of line up which slightly hampered its progress. But there, after a failed EP (test pressings were nevertheless made), the effort is a masterstroke. A rare assurance, original compositions and dubs that alternate, the titles including varied accents and multiple voices going from the US like crooner to Millie Small ... Breton version.

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1. Intro 2. Honey 3. Martin Wood 4. Never Give My Love 5. Tequila! 6. Put Your Good Mood On 7. Ass-Ass 8. Batman (You're the Best Anyway) 9. Miss Brown 10. Hang on Sloopy 11. My Boy Lollipop 12. Ernest 13. The Last One 14. A Simple Song 15. Right or Wrong 16. Stupid World 17. Bus 24 18. Everybody 19. 54-46 (That's My Number)


Artist Dave Straps & The Radiators
Plattenlabel Red Head Man
Produzent -
Released 2002
Country of Manufacture Frankreich
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