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The Most is a Beat band from Umeå, Sweden. The Most is not a typical Mod revival band since they’re rooted more in older music from the 50s and early 60s, predominantly Jazz, Soul, black Rhythm and Blues, Bluegrass, Rock and Delta Blues. These sources of inspiration make them sound more like the early British Invasion Beat groups rather than the today, ironically, dated sounding revival bands per se.

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Their simplistic arrangements and melodic short songs have raised the question; - How would Punk have sounded if it had come in 1965 instead?! Anyways, Louie Louie by the Kingsmen and Rosalyn by The Pretty Things might have been pretty close.

In this digital era they have chosen to record using old-school analogue technique. It has its limitations but captures the vintage feel of a band recording live with only a few overdubs.
The basic line-up is two guitars, bass and drums and with all the members contributing vocals and harmonies. For recordings they sometimes bring in friends to the studio adding, for example, keyboards and horns where appropriate. Andy Bell from Ride, Oasis and now Beady Eye has been featured on several recordings.

Lyrically the songs describe typical heartaches and lonely despair but also have a driven progressive edge of possibilities to change for a better life. Anti-heroes in suits would probably describe their image best, straight from a novel by Colin MacIness.
’The Action’ from their debut EP has been used for over a year as the soundtrack for a television commercial used by an electrical company (producer and distributor of energy!).

They release their music through their own label ’The Most Recordings (TMR)’ and collaborate lately with copaseDisques (Copasetic mailorder) in Germany for their full length album titled ’Auto-Destructive Art’. Mastering is done by nowadays Los Angeles based Mike Wells, who guitarist Frans Perris met, while he was working in the legendary Hyde Street Studio building in San Fransisco.

Problems / Really Good / I don't want it / So Wrong / I'm Not Your Man / Spiderman / She's A Sensation / Sometime / Do You Wanna Kno / Beat Girl / Blow Your Mind / Stickin' Out With You


Artist MOST, THE
Plattenlabel copaseDisques
Produzent -
Released 2013
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
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