Esquerita - Sock It To Me Baby - CD


If you've heard Esquerita's psychotic recordings for Capitol (1958-59), you probably already know what to expect whenever his name is dropped. If you haven't ... well, mere words won't tell you. Some of this live performance cut in 1965 shows what Esquerita could do when the mood hit, particularly on a stomper like Sock It To Me Baby. Little Richard introduces the living pompadour, and after the aforementioned Sock It ..., Esquerita barrels through a broad array of styles, as evidenced by the titles: Mississippi God-Damn, Wig-Wearin' Baby, What's Wrong With You, and his classic At The Dew Drop Inn. Another slice of undeservedly obscure but great rock 'n' roll. 13 tracks, from the totally unissued 1965 session.

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1. Introduction by Little Richard
2. Sock It To Me Baby
3.Nobody Wants You
4. Mississippi God-Damn
5. Wig-Wearin' Baby
6. I Can't Stand It Anymore
7. Get Along Honey, Honey
8. I Guess I'll Go Through Life Alone
9. Never Again
10. Until Then
11. At The Dew Drop Inn
12. Steal My Love From Me
13. What's Wrong With You (prev. unissued 1965)


Artist Esquerita
Plattenlabel Bear Family Records
Produzent -
Released 1990
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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