Various - Trip In Tyme Volume 4 - CD


A marvellous US 60s garage collection showcasing the moody side of teenage life. 23 naive and delightful masterpieces capturing the feelings of lost love, lost confidence, deep desperation, anger and how to handle it. CD has Lance's complete 'One Hand In The Darkness' Vinyl LP plus no less than NINE uncompiled bonus tracks. A magical moody garage collectors highlight.

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The Vy Countz - Goodbye
The Star Blazers - You Better Change
The Nomads - How Many Times
Huns - Winning Ticket
Spider and the Mustangs - You Ask Me Why
J. Walker and the Pedestrians - Life's Too Short
Frut Of The Loom - One Hand In Darkness
Midknights - Why
Tommy and the Nightbeats - Come On Darling
The Jades - Change My Ways
The Meen - Say You Love Me
Rotations - One Way Road
Midknights - I Don't Have To Wait
Big Inners - Do You Wonder
Huntingtons - You Better Mend Your Ways
Villagers - You're Back
The Mystifying Monarchs - I'm In Misery
Jokers - What'cha Gonna' Do
The Countdowns - Strange Are The Shadows
Pat'n'Al - Meant To Love
Vibrasonics - Don't Go
The Mor-loks - Lookin' For A New Day
The Mystifying Monarchs - Soldier Of Fortune


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Manic Mustang Records
Produzent -
Released 2006
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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