LOST IN TYME issue 05 - magazine (english)


Here we are with the new issue of Lost In Tyme fanzine 5th issue. It’s in English language, on A4 paper, printed (not photocopy) with hard full color cover designed by Darren Merinuk and contains exclusive interviews with:DOWNLINNERS SECT (60’s legend band), FOURGIVEN (Great 80’s garage r’n’r band, USA), ORIN PORTNOY (EX- Optic Nerve, Outta Place), LOSIN STREAKS (Powerful garage band from Usa), GILJOTEENS (Amazing garage band from Sweden), KEK 66 (Dutch garage and beat band from the 90’s), JORGE EXPLOSION CIRCO PERROTI STUDIOS, REVELLIONS (New great garage band fromIreland), GARAGE GODS (New amazing US garage band), CRUSHERS (The best garage band from Russia), DE KEEFMEN (New Dutch garage band), KAROVAS MILKSHAKE (Russian garage band) + free 18 track CD


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Articles for
KLIEK (Fab garage beat band from Holland, 80’s)
DUPONT CIRCLES (Us garage pop band from 90’s)
SKEPTIGS (Primitive garage from France)
CHEEKS (Fab garage mod band from German)

News and tons of reviews (more than 150) for records, cds, 7inches.
And of course a CD compilation with 18 songs:
1 GARAGE GODS – Lost in tyme
2 CRUSHERS – Once upon a time
3 CRUSHERS – Bonita
4 OUTTA PLACE – You’re gonna miss me
5 FOURGIVEN – Lost in the beat
6 KEK66 – Too bad
7 KLIEK – Sandra
8 DUPONT CIRCLES – Sarah the weather girl
9 REVELLIONS – Ain’t no fool
10 GILJOTEENS – Down and out
11 CRUSHERS – New Way
12 DR. EXPLOSION – Ain’t coming home
13 DE KEEFMEN – Anything for you
14 CHEEKS – Upside down
15 OUT ORIN – Death Row
16 DOWLINERS SECT – Lover not a fighter
17 KAROVAS MILKSHAKE – No reason to complain
18 SKEPTICS – Lose my cool


Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*
Country of Manufacture Griechenland


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