Akane with the Neatboys - He's Sure The Boy I Love // Just One Look - 7" + CD


Akane Kondo is the singer of an all-girl Japanese beat-band called THE MERCIES. They are the Japanese answer to fabulous 60s-girl-bands like THE SHANGRI-LAS or THE CRYSTALS. So now that Akane recorded a 7' together with the NEATBEATS-boys, one can't be too surprised - and this combination absolutely works! 'He's Sure The Boy I Love' is the brilliant result of this cooperation and it makes you wonder, why they didn't come up with this idea sooner! The 7' consists of two coverversions: 'He's Sure The Boy I Love' was originally by THE CRYSTALS. AKANE with her NEATBOYS recorded the classic in their own way and added a bit more beat to the sound, making it slightly faster and a bit wilder! The B-side is a cover of DORIS TROY's famous 'Just One Look', which is a bit closer to THE HOLLIES' version of the song, again moving it a bit more towards the Merseybeatsound. THE NEATBEATS have proven more than once that they are masters when it comes to covering songs from the 60s and with Akane, the Merseybeat-world has a new, charming female voice again! Comes with FREE CD of the single tracks!
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Artist A Akane with the Neatboys
Title Side A He's Sure The Boy I Love
Title Side B Just One Look
Artist B Akane with the Neatboys
Plattenlabel Majestic Sound Records
Format 7" + CD
Produzent -
Released 2015
Country of Manufacture Japan
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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