Various - Buzzsaw Joint Cut 4, Juke Joint - LP


Buzzsaw Joint was born of a club offering Londoners the chance to revel in the sounds of good ol’ trashy rock’n’roll in all its vintage vinyl forms. Club top-cat, Fritz, then took the primitive Buzzsaw sounds online with a series of savage Mixcloud mixes created by record fiends from all over the globe. Now, the high- octane energy of Buzzsaw Joint has manifested into the physical form with a run of compilations on Stag-O-Lee. Get your ears around the wild’n’weird sounds of the extraordinary and inimitable Buzzsaw Joint!

Cut number three comes from Pavinyl, a gent whose ride is a decked-out disco-hearse that, in his words, “puts the fun back into funerals”. Vowing to ‘Keep Music Evil’, his club night, Mockers, has had the British market town of Stroud dancing for a decade. Mockers initially played on the musical blur between Mod and Rock’n’Roll culture, but now ventures further afield. As does the DJ himself - his records have hyped hep clubs from Barcelona to New York. On this Cut, Pavinyl shares 18 exotic pearls. From the jungle to the orient, ancient Egypt to Native America - hold on tight, it’s quite a trip!

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1. Bailey’s Nervous Kats - Cobra (Camelia, 1959)
2. Bobby Towers - Bondage Of Love (Stylo, 1960)
3. Jean Kassapian - La La La (Rio, 1958)
4. Berlingeri and His Orchestra - Lolita (Jaro International, 1960)
5. Troy Talton - Strange Desire (Kin, 1962)
6. Cris Stamos - Gypsy Love (Dart, 1960)
7. The Schulman Kids - Summertime (Renner, 1962)
8. Tito Rodriguez and his Orch - Taboo (United Artists, 1962)

1. Hannah Dean - Strange Man (Columbia, 1961)
2. Jeri Southern - Senor Blues (Capitol, 1959)
3. Yvonne Baker & The Sensations - Eyes (Argo, 1962)
4. The Drivers - Dangerous Lips (De Luxe, 1957)
5. The Hollywood Flames - Let’s Talk It Over (Swing Time, 1953)
6. The Stars Of Faith - Mean Old World (Savoy, 1958)
7. Bobbie Bolden - Hall of Shame (Terel, 1958)
8. Maxine Harris - It’s a Lonesome Old Town (R-Dell, 1958)


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Stag-O-Lee
Format LP
Released 2018
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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