Various - Tape Rolling! with Bunny Lee and Friends - CD


In 1971, despite his run of hits, Bunny Lee was still having to support himself with freelance producing at Dynamic Sounds, but by 1974 he was fully independent and poised to dominate Jamaican music in the mid 70’s. The tracks on this compilation capture that moment of transition, when the smaller ghetto producers were taking over from the older musical establishment.

Listening to Bunny’s unreleased master tapes, what bursts out of the speakers is the energy and excitement of the whole production process, from the studio chatter of the musicians to the sonic experiments at the mixing desk. These pioneering steps in deejaying and dub were the launch pad for remix culture and the core production techniques of today, a creative explosion that altered the shape of our popular culture.

In the words of I Roy, “Striker Lee, him have the key!

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  1. Slim Smith - The Time Has Come (unreleased cut)
  2. I Roy and Augustus Pablo - Devil's Brother in Law (unreleased cut)
  3. Ernest Wilson - Sentimental Man (extended mix)
  4. Big Joe and King Tubby's - Rasta Train
  5. Cornell Campbell - I Wonder Why (unreleased cut)
  6. U Roy Junior - Two Ton Gulletto
  7. John Holt - Stick By Me (unreleased cut)
  8. King Tubby - A Wonderful Version
  9. Cornell Campbell - Give Me Love (unreleased cut)
  10. King Tubby - Straight To The Copycat Head
  11. Busty Brown And The Clowns - Soon I'm Gonna Make It
  12. Horace Andy - Man Next Door (unreleased cut)
  13. I Roy - Noisy Place (unreleased cut)
  14. Leroy Samuels - Trying To Wreck My Life
  15. Delroy Wilson - Any Heart Can Be Broken (unreleased cut)
  16. Eric Donaldson - Cherry Oh Baby (unreleased cut)
  17. I Roy - Festival Mash Up
  18. Vin Gordon - Riding For A Fall
  19. Cornell Campbell - My Confession (unreleased cut)
  20. Slim Smith - Turning Point (unreleased cut)


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Pressure Sounds
Produzent Bunny Lee
Released 2016
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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