Buddy Holly - Changin' All Those Changes - 6x7" Box (Ltd. ed.)


Early days and rise to stardom - 1954/1957 - Deluxe 6x7" Cardboard box. Limited and numbered to 550 copies.

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February 3, 2019 will mark the 60th death anniversary of the great Buddy Holly, one of the best and most innovative figures in rock music history. Holly simpressive talent and advanced musical vision left a crucial legacy in the 1950's to the 1960's music transition. No other artist left such an imperative music work in less time as Buddy Holly's before. <br />While worldwide musical icons like Bob Dylan, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones often queted Holly as their main and biggest influence, he was socially forgotten relatively soon. However he always was considered a cult figure among a loyal legion of fans and rock music experts around the world to this day. <br />The packing is focused on Buddy's first steps in music. starting as a Country and Western singer, his transition to Rockabilly and then to the foundation of The Crickets in early 1957. It brings for the very first time relevant session sessions that had never been compiled and released in this format before. February 3, 1959 would be know an tagged as " The day the music died", Maybe it didn't die, but it sure was heavily damage on that day.

Buddy & Bob - Western & Bop

  • Gotta Get Your Near Me Blues
  • You And I Are Through
  • Down The Line
  • I Wanna Play House With You

The Wichita Demos

  • Moonlight Baby
  • I Guess I Was A Just Fool
  • Love Me
  • Don't Come Back Knockin

Clovis 1956

  • I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down
  • Charging All Those Changes
  • Rock-A-Bye Rock
  • It's Not My Faul

Nashville 1956

  • Rock Around With The Ollie Vee
  • That'll Be The Day (1st Version)
  • Ting-A-Ling
  • Girl On My Mind

Back To Clovis

  • Brown Eyed Handsome Man
  • I'm Looking For Someone To Love
  • Ready Teady
  • I'm Gonna Love You Too

Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma

  • Rock Me Babe
  • Maybe Baby
  • You've Got Love
  • An Empty Cup (and a broken date)



Artist A Buddy Holly
Title Side A see description
Title Side B see description
Artist B Buddy Holly
Plattenlabel Sleazy Records
Format 7"
Produzent Nein
Released 2018
Country of Manufacture Spanien
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