Alloy Six - Monday Mirror - LP (pre-order)


Their second album - recorded at Clouds Hill Studio, Hamburg! THE ALLOY SIX - from Stockholm/Sweden. With roots in the psychedelic 60’s, a touch of 70’s pop sense and a modern punch, THE ALLOY SIX creates a colorful musical painting. LP comes with printed inner sleeve. Pre-order NOW for a special price. Release date: Sept. 07th, 2018


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The Alloy Six has emerged from the pieces of Stockholm based The Moving Sounds and The Fourtune-Tellers. Here is their second full-length album!!


Side A
Echoes Past / Leave My Side / Already Convinced / Weigh Down My Soul / Sunshine

Side B
Rest Of The Week / Oak Bay / Green Is Good / Farväl Langbro / Collected Ends / Monday Mirror


Artist Alloy Six, The
Plattenlabel copaseDisques
Format LP
Released 2018
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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