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Thee Exciters - Spending Cash Talking Trash - LP

This is a groovy, hip-shaking bastardization of the first Them album that’s been copulating with the energy of The Shadows of Knights.
'Things Ain’t Right' is the Count Five reborn – psychotic reaction indeed! But they’re not completely lost in the art of retrofication since they infuse a whole lotta punk attitude in their tunes. Yes! It’s righteous, strip-me-naked-and-paint-me FUZZ RAWK!
Forget the Arctic Monkeys or whoever is flavour of the month this month – dial 'E' for Exciters if you want your rock'n'roll party to kick some booty, baby! This album includes both their sold-out EPs (well COPASETIC still has some few copies in stock!!) and eight brand new tracks – plus two original live tracks recorded at the Dirty Water Club as an added extra.

NOTE: all album sleeves have approx. 2cm split seam on top due to transportation damage ... hence the price!!

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