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Peter Berry And The Shake Set - Memphis Tennessee // Jenka Train - 7"

A single from Norway's uncrowned beat-kings; Peter Berry and The Shake Set. It is recorded at Toe Rag Studios (London), and once again produced by Liam Watson.
The two sides on the single represent the width of this band’s repertoire; an energetic beat number written by Chuck Berry, and a self-composed instrumental track – a jenka – which is what the kids nowadays (in the year 1963) crave.

Peter Berry and The Shake Set have been true to the beat genre since 2003.

The group consists of Peder Bernhardt (vocals/guitar), Per Øydir (bass), Bjarte Agdestein (guitar) and Thomas Martinsen (drums). Members of the band are individually also associated with groups such as Kåre and The Cavemen, The Indikation, Mono Lake, Howlin’ Mama, The Cliftones and The Apricot.

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