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Imperial Tiger Orchestra - Lale Lale // Yefikir Woha Timur - 7"

The first single of the Imperial Tiger Orchestra with 2 exclusive tracks recorded in larsen studio ! They play ethiopian groove instrumentals, just as Mulatu Eskete or Getatchew Mekurya did during the late sixties and early seventies ! They already released a self produced mini album, and a 12inch on Mental Groove Records. They were the big sensation on stage during the last ''Musiques Ethiopiennes'' festival in Addis Abeba (organized by Francis Falceto the originator of the classic Ethiopiques compilations series). They also played with the likes of Melaku Belaye, Selamnesh, Zinash or Mesele Asmamaw, and we now impatiently wait for their first long player !!

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