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Caltonettes Serenade - That's Why I Love You // All That I Needed - 7"

Debut vinyl by Indonesian Rocksteady band. Starting as a jam session band in early 2015, Novel (Vocalist), Aldo (Lead Guitarist), Yusak (Keyboardist), and Dika (Horn Player) they decided to form a band and play the music they admire: jamaican Ska and Rock Steady. Alton Ellis, Phyllis Dillon, The Gaylads, The Skatalites, Derrick Harriot, Boris Gardiner, Pat Kelly, Derrick Morgan, Joya Landis, Dorren Shaffer and Jackie Mittoo are they first to name if they were asked for their influences, but US Soul and Jazz bands are among their heros, too.
Limited edition of 500

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