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Shirley & Lee - Rock - CD

'Let The Good Times Roll' is a rock 'n' roll milestone, inspiring film titles, book titles and two dozen versions from Soul to Merseybeat to Ska. This collection presents unforgettable duets from the Golden Age of New Orleans R&B, 31 tracks from The Sweethearts Of The Blues at their rockin', rollin', carnival best. Other compilations leave off I Feel Good or Feel So Good, mistakenly thinking they're the same song. They are not! And this has both of these Top 10 R&B Hits. Shirley's voice ' it's been called 'a razorblade, a mix of comic distortions, sexual excitement, and gothic chill.' Featuring the sizzling New Orleans session men, including drummer Earl Palmer and tenorist Lee Allen. 'Shirley & Lee Rock' contains 31 of the duo's most blistering platters, drawing heavily on their Aladdin catalog but also encompassing a few delicious early '60s sides from their stints at Warwick and Imperial. And we can't leave off 'I'm Gone', even if it is a ballad ' it closes this spectacular disc as a very welcome bonus track!

1-CD Digipak (6-plated) with 44-page booklet, 31 tracks. Playing time approx. 73 mns.

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