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Kitchenettes, The - Beatschaffe Vol.4 - 7" EP

The fourth volume of our 'BEATSCHAFFE' series. Another winner.
Rob Bailey wrote in NUTs Magazine #46: 'All songs recorded on vintage equipment and on a 2 track reel with no overdubs. The result is stunning for fans of vintage soul sounds. The A-side starts with ‘Heartbreaker’ and yes, the singer could be mistaken for British Soul star Amy Winehouse with that Bluesy vocal style. ‘Too long’ is in the northern soul vein. Flip the disc over and ‘Two steps’ is a funky soul titty shaker while the final number ‘feel so blue’ is back in the northern dance floor feel. All winners and could be played in your DJ set alongside the classics.'
Nuff said - BUY!!!
PLEASE NOTE: the record comes in plain white cardboard sleeve!!

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