65 Mines Street - Sick & Bitchin' - LP


3rd album of one of the best actual Ska and Reggae band from France : 65 MINES STREET.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Dixon (The Aggrolites) in Los Angeles (US), they return with 14 new songs featuring Roy Ellis aka Mr Symarip on onet track.

Deluxe edition. Gold sleeve LP vinyl edition stricly limited at 500 copies. Comes in marbled yellow 180gr vinyl, sleeve is gold embossed, printed innersleeve.

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Side A
I'm Sick Of It All / Summers End / Good ToMe / This Sound Is Shit! / I Do My Best / Agent Orange Is good For You / Welcome To The Boss

Side B
Orchestration Reggae feat. Roy Ellis / The Whitechapel Murderer / Nite Shot II / The Ballad Of Jerry Lundegaard / Welcome Back To 65 Mines Street / Walking On Topanga / Among The Stars


Artist 65 Mines Street
Plattenlabel Casual Records
Format LP
Released 2015
Produzent Brian Dixon
Country of Manufacture Frankreich
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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