Various - 101 Orange Street - LP


Orange Street has a mystical place in Reggae's history. Set in the heart of downtown Kingston, Jamaica. Even to this day it stands somehow locked in time and space, the beat of the music ever changing and evolving. As politics, religion and even the weather, effect its course. One thing remains a constant, Orange Street is central to the Islands musical story. 14 tracks - ska meets the rock steady train. Well we hope you enjoy this selection of tunes that,you can imagine bellowing out from Orange Street.So as the great song suggests... If you never get to Orange Street... close your eyes and let us take you there......


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1. Love And Devotion - Slim Smith
2. The Sun - Cornell Campbell & The Eternals
3. To Sir With Love - Dawn Penn
4. Rock Steady Train - Roy Shirley & Glenn Adams
5. I Do It - Derrick Morgan
6. Belly Woman - Derrick Morgan
7. Since Your Gone - Pat Kelly

1. Memories Are Treasures - Lloyd Clarke
2. Sweet Young Thing - Twinkle Brothers
3. Get In The Groove - Jeff Barnes
4. Roseabell - Cornell Campbell.
5. First Days Of Love - Derrick Morgan
6. Work Song - Pat Kelly
7. Come Back To Me - Ernest Wilson


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Kingston Sounds
Format LP
Released 2005
Produzent Bunny Lee
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
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