Tuts - Update Your Brain - LP


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED debut album by “3-Tone” trio (of proud Caribbean, English and Indian/Pakistani origin) from London. They met as teenagers and learned the fierce working-class work ethic that has them literally doing-it-themselves.The Tuts’ ambition to write the greatest, catchiest songs they can within the parameters of a stripped-down sound results in a series of pop punk nuggets on this debut. Update Your Brain turns up the clarity and power while losing none of the band’s bite or edge. The band's lyrics range from experiences in the music scene to snapshots of everyday life, politics and personal relationships, with an endearing simplicity and deftness of touch. Simply put, The Tuts have taught themselves the art of songwriting. Masters of crafting the sort of tunes that can stay in your head for weeks after a single hearing, if the group had anything left to prove then this record lays that to rest, with a dozen songs to satisfy their fans, yet leave them wanting more. A perfect debut album, then, and given that they show no sign of running out of either songs or steam, a band to keep a close watch on in future.
Comes in translucent blue vinyl housed in Cardboard sleeve with shiny gold foiling and a gorgeously detailed card lyrics sheet inside!

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Side A
Let Go Of The Past / Tut Tut Tut / Con Man / Dump Your Boyfirend / Give Us Something Worth Waiting For / 1982

Side B
I Call You Up / Sway / Alway Hear The Same Shit / You're So Boring / What's On The Radio? / Back Up


Artist Tuts, The
Plattenlabel Dovetown Recordings
Format LP
Released 2017
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
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