Strollers - Tough Hits - LP


Tough Hits is the name of the new album. One side contines the tracks from their first two highly aclaimed 7" and the second side contines four new recordings and their super rare version of Pentagrams Be forewarned. Limited to 500 copies

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Side A
You´ll Never See Me Again 3:11 I´m Going Away 2:59 Something On My Mind 3:37 It´s All Over 3:48 Bring Her Home 2:12 Stay Away 2:53

Side B
Be Forwarned 3:34 Can´t Find It 2:45 It´s About Time 2:45 Get The Picture Clear 2:15 Mystic Woman 5:02


Artist Strollers, The
Plattenlabel Low Impact Recordings
Format LP
Released 2017
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Schweden
Lieferzeit no shipment before Aug. 30th due to vacation!


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