Royal Flares - Blaze - mini-LP


Here come The Royal Flares again with six raw slabs of high-energy, true-to-your-school 60s GARAGE PUNK. Five originals and a moody garage version of “She’s Not There”.
The production of “Blaze” is fully analogue- no digital interference what-so-ever! Recorded (by Stefan Koglek of the highly acclaimed stoner rock/psych band Colour Haze) on 2-inch reel tape and directly mastered on 12” vinyl in 45 rpm, which makes for a vibrant, highly dynamic sound, seldom heard on present releases.

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Leading the pack is the effervescent “Why?!”, a steaming yet catchy 60s punk smasher with swirling organ, strong vocals and a bloodcurdling scream opening a first class twangy guitar break. A potential 60s garage hit. Next comes “I – You = 0” with a choppy riff reminiscent of The Paragons’ “Abba”. A primitive groover full of fun and typical 60s garage irony. “See Me Walking At Night” is a savage fuzz monster with psychedelic undertones and a catchy chorus. The Royal Flares take on the Zombies’ immortal “She’s Not There” is what most US 60s garage bands turned the Zombies into: moodiness par excellence. “Mrs. Sarah Lee” is a bopping dance tune, again with a strong chorus and an irresistible plinky guitar break. Last but not least comes “I Wanna Love You”, the Royal Flares’ own version of early 60s garage sounds, the short period when the Beatles were cross-bred with US frat rock, and the Rolling Stones yet to come…
The beautifully designed cover artwork is created by one Kai Becker, leader of Hamburg’s own Wrong Society!


Side A
I - You = 0
See Me Walking At Night

Side B
She's Not There
Mrs Sarah Lee
I Wanna Love You


Artist Royal Flares, The
Plattenlabel Born Loser Records
Format mini-LP
Released 2014
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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