Marcel Bontempi - Witches Spiders Frogs & Holes - LP+7"


A collection of 21 amazing tunes, 14 taken from his various 7"s (which are mostly sold-out) and 7 tunes previously unreleased! The album contains the solo output from 2009 - 2014 of the artist known as MARCEL BONTEMPI. Unearthed from record bins all over Europe and dusty archives of little known speciality labels from as far afield as Frankfurts, Beverungen to Malaga. The vinyl version comes as an LP plus 3-track 7"EP, packaged in a nice gatefold-sleeve. The release includes extensive liner notes and track-by-track info by Darren Ross, lots of photos, 7-inch covers etc.

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Throughout the years of playing or singing in bands, Marcel Bontempi has recorded solo material, from Rockabilly and harmonious Doo Wop to R&B, taking well known classics and warping them to his own vision.


Side A: Dig A Hole (Bop Version) / Shag Rag / Big Fat Spider / Spiderman / Bull Frog / Do The Frog / Old Mad Witch / Train To Satanville / Race With The Devil

Side B: Train Of SIn / Witch Girl / Headless Horseman / Living Death / Just Dropped In / So Schön / Sunday Evening Blues / Big Fat Spider (ALt. Version) / Dig A Hole (Stroll Version)

7"-EP: I'm So Lonely / Lovesick Stroll / Tarantula Mambo



Artist Marcel Bontempi
Plattenlabel Stag-O-Lee
Format LP
Released 2015
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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