Limboos - Limbootica - LP


Something unusual and unpredictable always seems to happen right under our very noses. And on such a rare occasion you could brag about colliding with a group as magnificent as The Limboos. They are unusual because you usually cannot hear a current R & B band with so much musical talent and, in turn, sound different from all the rest. And unpredictable because their knowledge and devotion to the greats of the genre is reflected in all of their songs, ALL originals written by them. And inside them is a special secret gift that combines rhythm and elegance to the nth degree.

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1 I Don't Buy It 2 Blue Dream 3 Crazy Rumba 4 Been A Whole Lot Of Time 5 Calypso Drunk

6 Rough Trip 7 Danzón #13 8 (Uh Huh) No Business Next To Mine 9 No Trouble 10 I'm A Fool 11 Lies (Two Wrongs Do Not Make A Right)


Artist Limboos, The
Plattenlabel Penniman Records
Format LP
Released 2017
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Spanien
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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