Justine And The Unclean - Get Unclean - LP (ltd. ed)


“Sounds like the Ramones.” - “Reminds me of...Lucinda Williams?” - “Yeah, but...I hear the Buzzcocks, too…”
It's punk. It's power pop. It's power pop punk. It's paisley rock. It's glam metal. The record has it all: anthems, hooks, raw power, big amps, scorching guitars, a massive rhythm section worthy of any arena, and utterly irresistible choruses.
Limited edition in white vinyl.

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The Unclean are Boston music heavyweights, including Justine Covault (Malachite, Grand Theft Auto, Quest For Tuna) as lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter; Justine’s partner in crime from Malachite and Swank Janet Egan King (Heidi, Malachite, Swank, Tulips), on powerhouse bass lines & dirty-sweet harmony backing vocals; Charles Hansen (Rock Bottom, Tom Baker & the Snakes, Gymnasium, The Handymen) on ferocious lead guitar attack. Jim Janota (Upper Crust, The Bags, Rock Bottom) swings the lumber (dude, are those two-by-fours?) to round out the rock n’ roll assault.


Side A

  1. Bring Me Fire
  2. Love Got Me Into This Mess
  3. Can't Pretend I Don't Know
  4.  I'm In Love With You, Jackass
  5. He Stopped Laughing


  1. Passive Aggressive Baby
  2. Worry Stone
  3. Rock And Roll Blackmail
  4. Something Out Of Nothing


Artist Justine And The Unclean
Plattenlabel Rum Bar Records
Format LP
Released 2017
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Vereinigte Staaten
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