Johnny Farfisa - The Sky IsFalling - LP


Brought together on one vinyl release are obscure mid-late '60s recordings from NY-based garage/r&b combo's featuring cult hero Johnny Farfisa. Most of these tracks were taped by The Individuals, a couple of cuts are credited to Euphorian Railway, and there's one contribution from The Tokays. An interesting missing chapter of US garage-rock history, at last available on the LP-format!

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Side A
01. The Individuals - Shes Gone Away (vocal)
02. The Individuals - I Dont Play (version 1)
03. The Individuals - It May Be 04. The Individuals - The Sky Is Falling
05. The Individuals - I Dont Play (soul Version)
06. The Individuals - Monkey On My Back
07. The Individuals - My Babys Bad
08. The Tokays - Where Young Lovers Go

09. The Individuals - I Dont Play (12-string Version)
10. Euphorian Railway - The Sky Is Falling
11. Euphorian Railway - She Showed Me
12. Euphorian Railway - On My Way To The Sun
13. Euphorian Railway - I Thought I Knew You
14. Euphorian Railway - Nothing And No One
15. The Individuals - Shes Gone Away (instrumental)


Artist Johnny Farfisa
Plattenlabel Munster Records
Format LP
Released 2017
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Spanien
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