Hugo Lobo - Ska Is The Way - 7"EP


Hugo Lobo is an Argentinian artist, recognized for being the trumpeter, producer and leader of Dancing Mood, the instrumental Ska band most representative of Latin America. With more than 20 years of independent trajectory, Dancing Mood is the band that, with the direction of Lobo, introduces the genre within the current popular music, re-covering great classics. The quality of these Ska arrangements from Hugo leads the band to have 15 records recorded with more than 200,000 copies sold, selling events for more than 2500 people in consecutive weekly cycles.
His new EP 'Ska Is The Way', which has international participation as Carroll Thompson in the classic tracks 'Do not Stay Away' and 'Why Did You Leave Me’, also in his own track ‘Ska Is The Way’ with the guitar of Natty Frenchi Metsch collaborating plus the Jamaican voices of Publik Report. Also featured is 'Melody For Rico', song dedicated to who was his master in the style and with whom he played and recorded many times, the great Rico Rodriguez.

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Artist A Hugo Lobo
Title Side A Melody For Rico // Don't Stay Away
Title Side B Ska is The Way / Why Did You Leave Me
Artist B Hugo Lobo
Plattenlabel Liquidator
Format 7"EP
Produzent -
Released 2017
Country of Manufacture Spanien
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *


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