French Boutik - Les Chats de Gouttiere / La Vedette // Le Clope / New Bossa - 7"EP


The debut EP from “pop moderniste” specialists French Boutik features 4 fantastique, self-penned songs by this groovy French-american outfit based in Paris.
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A truly original quintet, this combo takes the 'moderniste' element of their tagline seriously and avoids retro déjà vu while still maintaining a clear nod to their 1960's influences. The result is a delightful and clever concoction of classic pop melodies, harmony drenched vocals, a soupçon of swirling organ, and sharp French and English lyrics inspired by heroes such as Jacques Dutronc and Ray Davies but firmly planted in the present. The 4 très diverse tunes presented on the EP include a tongue in cheek rave-up style ode to alley cats (Les Chats de Gouttière), a darkly humorous satire of a paranoid war supporter (La Vedette), a spirited and joyful defense of public misbehavior (Le Clope), plus one english composition, the histoire vraie of a substance abusing acquaintance (New Bossa). French Boutik features songs composed by raffiné guitarist and vocalist Serge Hoffman, fellow native parisienne drummer and backing vocalist Zelda Aquil, and lead vocalist (and only non-frenchie) Gabriela Giacoman, plus Elián Yvars de Montreuil on bass and backing vocals, and in-house sono engineer Mad Iky on keyboards. Et voila ... la French Boutik is open for business and ready to offer you its selection of the finest quality pop française!


Artist A French Boutik
Title Side A Les Chats de Gouttiere / La Vedette
Title Side B Le Clope / New Bossa
Artist B French Boutik
Plattenlabel copaseDisques
Format 7" EP
Produzent -
Released 2012
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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