Del Davis - Baby Don't Wake Me // Chosen Few - Wandering - 7"


Two soulful masterpieces by two well known Jamaican reggae artists. A-side by Del Davis is a furious Northern/Crossover dancer (1971), which fills dancefloors all over the world since decades and will set your bank account back for € 200.- if you ever find a copy in decent condition. B-side by The Chosen Few comes along with a relaxed 70s soul feeling (1976) and of course suits the dancers too. It has been released on LP only back in the days - comes now for the first time on DJ friendly 7inch size.
Limited to 350 copies!! Grab your copy now or cry later.


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Artist A Del Davis
Title Side A Baby Don't Wake Me
Title Side B Wandering
Artist B Chosen Few, The
Plattenlabel Sundae Soul Recordings
Format 7"
Produzent -
Released 2018
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *


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