Various - Caribbean Audio Odyssey Vol. 2 - 10"


CALYPSO, the infectious rhythms and melodies of the Caribbean area originated in Trinidad.

It is really the musical expression of the Afro- West-Indian population. There are various explanations for the origin of the word “Calypso”, but it is most likely that it stems from the African word “Kaiso”, which means BRAVO. The lyrics (in a dialectic English) and the melody are usually made up at the spur of the moment. The words very often have a double meaning. The topic is sex, but frequently deals with current events of social and political happenings. The rhythms are enticing and therefore popular for dancing.” (Linernotes).

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Calypso in the Caribbean includes a range of genres, including: the Benna genre of Antiguan and Barbudan music; Mento, a style of Jamaican folk music that greatly influenced ska and reggae; Ska, the precursor to rocksteady and reggae; Spouge, a style of Barbadian popular music; Cadence-lypso, which mixed calypso with the cadence rampa of Haiti and Dominican traditional music; and soca music, a style of Kaiso/calypso, with influences from Cadence- lypso, Soul, Funk and Indian musical instruments.

Side A
Ruben McCoy & The Hamiltonians - Calypso Twist
Lord Kitchener - Love In The Cemetary
Anatol’s Cubans - The Moon Over Cuba Was High And So Was I
Charlie Binger & His Quartet - Jamaica Is The Place To Go
Orchestre Combo Zombie - Mussieu A Tét`A Poisson La

Side B
Noro Morales Y Su Orchestra - Istanbul
Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Reggae Merengue
Duke Of Iron - Calypsonian Invasion
The Charmer - Don’t Touch Me Nylon
Cyril Diaz & His Orchestra - Tabu


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Stag-O-Lee
Format 10"
Produzent -
Released 2017
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
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