Bo Street Runners - Exile On Bo Street - LP


Collected on 12-inch vinyl for the first time are the brilliant 1964-1966 recordings by British r&b/mod-legends The Bo Street Runners. With a line-up that included legendary musicians s.a. Mick Fleetwood, Mike Patto and Tim Hinkley, the band released a number of singles on Decca, Oak and Columbia Records. Though back in the day the band didn't manage to hit the charts, these 7-inches have become essential releases for later generations of genre addicts.

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Side A
01. Love To You
02. Lonely Avenue
03. Bo Street Runner (Oak EP Version)
04. Shame, Shame, Shame
05. Bo Street Runner (Single version)
06. Tell Me
07. Tell Me What Youre Gonna Do
08. And I Do Just What I Want

Side B
09. Baby Never Say Goodbye
10. Get Out Of My Way
11. Drive My Car
12. So Very Woman
13. I Want To Be Loved (radio Version)
14. Baby Never Say Goodbye (radio Version)
15. Cant Stop Talking About My Baby
16. Love


Artist Bo Street Runners
Plattenlabel Munster Records
Format LP
Released 2017
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Spanien
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